BenchMARK Labeling Machine

For start up companies we recommend the BenchMARK Labeling Machine as an entry point electric label applicator, which can be retro fitted with options to fit the growth of your business.
Apply your labels straight with the BenchMARK. It will wrap or apply any type of label either single or front and back to round containers. With the BenchMARK Labeling Machine you can dial in the required distance between front and back labels, therefore removing operator error. The dials have been calibrated in centimetres and inches to make it intuitive for the operator.
A feature is that the operator can squeegee the label onto the bottle with extra pressure from the top roller.
The BenchMARK Labeling Machine is a proven workhorse and the strongest and most reliable in its class.
45% trade-in is offered when you come back to upgrade to a BenchDELUXE or BenchMAX. With our 5-year warranty you can be assured that it will not break down in your most critical production times.
We are happy to offer you a 7-day free trial and should the labeller not meet your expectations then we would be happy to refund your money or credit the full amount towards an alternative labeller from our range.

‘The beauty of the Benchmark is its simplicity, reliability and portability. …Despite constant use, we have not had a breakdown or malfunction. …We calculated that it paid for itself, in labour savings in approximately 12 months. …As you can see we are great fans of the Benchmark Labeller and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who may have a need for it.’
Geoff Parkes, Managing Director Metro Glass Packaging Pty,Ltd.

BenchMARK optional extras:

  • Orientation

  • Automatic Attachment

  • Small Container Adaptor

  • Wide Body

  • Printers


Orientation is the ability to scan a container for a registration mark and then apply a label or set of labels tied to this registration mark. This feature is unique to Great Engineering labellers.
Our Orientation feature uses a colour and texture sensor to scan your container. We then amplify the signal and using our proprietary electronics we can precisely apply your labels.

Auto Attachment

Automatic Attachment Option

The Automatic attachment will reduce your double handling by 3 times.
Without this option you will

  1. Take your containers to a bench or table
  2. Label them.
  3. Then pack them into a box.

When analysing your production line, look at your bottleneck. This should be the filling process. Fillers normally run at 8 – 16 per minute. We recommend positioning the BenchMAX or BenchDELUXE next to the operator who does the capping.
The capping operator has enough time to cap, label and pack the container while the container is being filled. With the Automatic Attachment you will increase your throughput and control application pressure and repeatability.

Small Container Adaptor Option

The Small Container Adaptor can be added to any of our machines.

When added to the BenchMAX or BenchDELUXE you can label container diameters from 8mm.

When added to the BenchMATE or BenchMARK you can label container diameters from 18mm.





Contract Packing
Contract Packing


Paint Brush


Sensor type:
  • On edge, no registration mark required.
Wastage per roll:
  • 13cm
  • Pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted, Fan Folded
  • Opaque, clear, translucent.
Single, front & back, or wrap-around labels
  • Minimum 0.02mm (0.002 inches)
  • Greater than 25mm (1 inch)
  • Minimum 10mm (3/8 inches)
  • Maximum 180mm (7 2/16 inches)
  • Maximum 230mm (9 1/16 inches) with wide body
  • Left Hand Leading Edge (Internal or Externally wound)
Roll Diameter:
  • Maximum 300mm (12 inches)
Roll Core Diameter:
  • 38mm (11/2 inches) and 76mm (3 inches)

Container, Power & Dimensions

Suitable for round containers
  • Minimum 55mm (2 3/16 inches) with small bottle adaptor minimum 15mm (9/16 inches)
  • Maximum 110mm (4 1/2 inches)


  • 110 or 240 AC <1 AMP


  • Anodized 6061 Aluminum
  • Food grade Stainless steel shafts and bolts.


Pack Dimensions:
  • 59 (24.4 inches) x 61 (23.5 inches) x 44cm (15.4 inches)
  • Weight 32kg (70.5 lbs)


Selecting the right labeling machine.

BenchMAX Labeling Machine


Will suit businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year. Suitable for all container diameters larger than 8 mm (3/8 inch)


Will suit businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year. For container diameters larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)

BenchMark labeling machine


Will suit businesses that label from 50,000 up to 250,000+ containers per year. Suitable for container diameters larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)

BenchMATE plus labeling machine

BenchMATE models

Suitable for new businesses labelling up to 60,000+ containers per year. For diameters larger then 18mm (3/4 inch) & larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)