The BenchDELUXE Labeling Machine is the premium of all semi automatic-labelling machines.

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All the bells & whistles

High throughput, high production with guaranteed label accuracy. This versatile industrial machine will reduce your double handling by at least 3 times. Straight out of the box you can be labelling within 4 minutes on any product.

Simply said, the BenchDELUXE will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container.

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Labels any round container

Will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container(50mm+ diameter).

Increase your capacity

Flexibility to meet short run packaging needs, while capable of labelling millions of products.


We manufacture & assemble every machine in-house, so you can be 100% confident that your BenchDELUXE will never break down in your most critical production times.

5 year warranty

With our 5-year warranty you can rest assured we've got you covered.

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Automatic Attachment

With the Automatic Attachment, labelling and packing your products becomes 1 seamless process. Simply put your product in position & press the button (or foot pedal) and the BenchDELUXE will take care of the rest.

Enabling your operator to label an pack all in one.

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  • 01. Container Specifications

    Supported Containers:
    • - Any round container.

    • - Minimum 50mm (2 inches)
    • - Minimum 8mm (3/8 inches) with Small Bottle Adaptor
    • - Maximum 110mm (4 1/2 inches) Standard
    • - Maximum 250mm (9 3/4 inches) with removable handle.
  • 02. Label Specifications

    Supported label types:
    • - Single, front & back, or wrap-around labels.
    • - Pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted, Fan Folded,
    • - Opaque, clear, translucent.
    Supported label sizes:
    • - Thickness:Min. 0.02mm (0.002 inches)
    • - Length:Greater than 25mm (1 inch)
    • - Height: Min. 10mm (3/8 inches) to Max. 230mm (9 1/16 inches)
    • - Direction: Left Hand Leading Edge (Internal or Externally wound)
    Label roll dimensions:
    • - Diameter: Maximum 300mm (12 inches)
    • - Core Diameter: 38mm (11/2 inches) and 76mm (3 inches)
    Estimated Label wastage:
    • - 13 cm per roll
    Sensor type:
    • - On edge, no registration mark required.
Great Engineering color labeling solution

On-Demand Label Printing

An extensive range of printers can be connected to any of our label applicators. This labelling solution is unique to Great Engineering. You can print variable data as you apply them. The choices are endless.

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SPECIAL OFFER!! Not sure if BenchDELUXE will work with your Product?  Talk to us about our 7-day TRIAL offer.
BenchMAX labelling machine

Need to position your label perfectly, every time?

You need the BenchMAX. Our top-of-the-range machine comes with all the features of our other machines, PLUS our unique Label Positioning System (Orientation).


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